So, its been over a year since I graduated from VFS. I just moved to Santa Monica California on Friday (April 1st!). I got a job at Pixomondo. I will transition this blog from my Canada blog over to a California one.

To start, my flight wasn’t so bad. It only took four hours. I got a little bit of sleep, though I only had 2 hours the night before. I left 35º weather in Chicago and arrived to about 80º in LA.

I found a roommate on the interwebs (no, he isnt a serial killer). His previous roommate was moving out to live with his GF, so he needed someone to move in by the 1st. It just so happens that that is when I wanted to move in. His apartment is also a 2 min walk from my job 😀 So, that seemed to work out quite well. He picked me up from the airport. I ordered a bed from Amazon and everything was waiting for me when I arrived. I sort of unpacked, and started to put the bed frame together. I met his GF, and we all went to get lunch at an Italian Deli (Kind of like uncle Frank’s Bari Foods, though not quite

I passed out when I got back home, and realized that I moved. away. For a while. I really will (and do) miss all of my friends and family. I know I will feel better once I get used to everything, I just wont stop missing home, hehe.

I eventually got my bed together, and it is really comfortable. For dinner, My roommate and his girlfriend took me to Little Tokyo (surprise surprise right?) for some delicious ramen. It is a very cool area that I will surely visit again! I passed out when I got home.

On Saturday, I woke up early and went for a walk. I went to the bank, then walked to the beach. On the way I stopped at a farmer’s market and purchased some delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. The beach was really nice too.

Sunday, I spent this day getting everything in order. I did some major cleaning, purchased some supplies I needed, and unpacked / organized my room. It was a long and exhausting day, but I am glad I got done what I needed.

Monday! I finally started work! I left a little bit early to take a trip to the beach again. The weather was great this morning. Sunny and warm. I walked to work after the little trip. Pixomondo is a pretty big company. There are 8 offices, maybe 9? All over the world. In fact, my friend Denny from VFS works at an office in Shang Hai!

Work went well. I am doing preproduction work on a film I can’t say anything about. Its pretty cool so far. The Santa Monica studio has about 100 employees. All of them are working on different film, television, or commercial projects. Me and two other guys are working on the new project. Oh, most of the people there are German too. Pretty neat. The leader of the project I am working on is really helpful. He explained a lot of cool stuff to make my working a little easier. Yea! So this should be a fun job. Long hours though, but thats ok.

Here are some pictures I took this morning.